You’ve Probably Never Heard of This Miracle Fruit

There is an odd and enormous fruit that grows in certain parts of the world. It’s called a jackfruit and it happens to be the largest fruit to come from a tree in the world.
Jackfruit is native to south Asia, meaning it’s hard to find anywhere else in the world. Its crops are extremely important in Bangladesh where it also happens to be the national fruit.

A single jackfruit carries hundreds of small fruit lobes that provide a rich supply of nutrients and vitamins. With a single jackfruit tree being able to bear up to 150 fruits, this tree could help solve starvation and malnutrition in countries that need it.

India is an example of a country that could use a tree like the jackfruit tree to help provide nutrition to its people, but it remains unwilling to do so. Even though the tree is thought to be native to the country, the effort it takes to harvest the fruit is too much they say.
With a tree bearing fruit like this in the world, it’s odd to think a country that needs help is against its miraculous properties. Maybe they just need a little push to see what a tree like this could do for them.

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