Favorite Music Videos Released in the Past Year

Everybody loves to listen to music. It isn’t the matter of age but the question of emotions. Whether it is a newly married couple, a happy student or even a young child, everybody wants to listen to some music that matches their taste.
Music conquers the hearts and emotions of people when combined with some outstanding video.
Here are some of the top listed video songs of 2017 that are getting many views daily.

Calvin Harris – “This Is What You Came For”

This song features Barbadian Singer Rihanna. Some lightening and natural scenes are shown in this video as they are the part of the song. The most favorite of this video is when the “Lamborghini Aventador” appears running on the roads.

Ed Sheeran – “The Shape of You”

This video song features Ed Sheeran and Jennie Pegouskie. It has some romance some drama and some fun elements in it. Romantic songs always gain popularity faster than others. Ed and Jennie met at the gym where they became friend and fall in love with each other.
Jennie disappears suddenly without informing Ed. He gets angry on this and starts working out harder than before. They both met again in a fighting match where Ed loses the game from a Sumo wrestler while Jennie beats the Sumo with only a single kick.

Ariana Grande feat. Future – “Everyday”

This music video is something more than the romance. It won’t be an exaggeration if we call it a sexual video rather than the romantic one. Different people are shown in this song kissing and loving each other in a public place. The most fun part comes when an old man and an old lady start kissing and putting off each other’s clothes in front of all other passengers.
You must watch these videos you will enjoy watching them.

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